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Soczh: making learning social.

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Soczh: making learning social. ...



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Posted : Oct 24, 2012

Everything has become social with the advent of the Internet - social media, social music streaming, social pinboards.

Why hasn't education used the same model

Currently, if you want to learn a topic, you go to school, learn it through online colleges, or search for answers online.

The problem with this model is there is no way to know whether you are learning the best possible lesson to gain the knowledge you seek.

At Soczh, we believe that we learn better when we learn social. We are crowdsourcing the best online video lessons available on the Internet so you can learn just about anything.

With our free service, you are able to watch playlists dedicated to your topic of interest. You are also able to vote playlists or videos up and down depending on how helpful they are, similar to how Reddit aggregates websites.

Users determine the content. No more old-fashioned pedagogy.

Soczh: making learning social.

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    Julia Tylor
    Oct 28, 2012
    Chelsey Heath
    Oct 26, 2012
    Kim Arellano
    Buena Park  
    Oct 24, 2012
    Retha Hill
    Oct 24, 2012

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    $10 or more : Let's face it. Times are tough. That's why we've allowed support from any level of income. Your contribution at the Bromance level will award you with a video high five upon successful completion of this campaign. If you don't see the value in a video high five, you need to high five more often.

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    $100 or more : Have you ever played an online game and there's an achievement for attending some event you never heard of and there's no way to achieve it again for as long as you play that game? Upon successful completion of this crowdfund, your contribution at the Head Start level will award you with an achievement on our site that no one will be able to achieve again for as long as you use Soczh, because irony works in your favor sometimes. You also get a t-shirt and a video high five.

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    $500 or more : Oh you fancy, huh? Let's just come out and say that words cannot express the gratitude we'd feel for anyone donating at the Grand Master level. But food can. Upon successful completion of this crowdfund, your contribution at the Grand Master level will award you with a lunch with our founding build team at one of our favorite places in the Phoenix area to break bread. You also receive a video high five, a t-shirt, and a unique achievement on the site.

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